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celebrate the little things

At Something Sweet we believe in using high quality ingredients and making our baked goods fresh every day.  We also believe in celebrating the little things.  Did you get a new job?  Win a big game?  Whatever feels like a win for you, we believe in taking the time to celebrate those moments.  Life goes by so fast we all need to take the time to recognize the good things, no matter how big or small they are.  

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something sweet

Something Sweet is a  bake shop located in Lewis Center, Ohio.  Our goal is to make delicious treats that help you celebrate everything important in your life.  Currently we're offering cookies, brownies and blondies but we'll be expanding our menu in the near future.  We'll also be adding new seasonal items, so make sure you check back often to see our new items.

"Life Is Better With Fresh Baked Cookies"

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